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Help & Info about LightShot for windows

  • How do I take a screenshot?

    You will need to install the Lightshot screenshot tool, once installed you click on the PrntScr key on your keyboard. This screenshot tool was created before Microsoft added the “Windows Key” and “Print Scrn” function into Windows operating systems.
  • Why do I need LightShot if Windows now has a faster screenshot tool already installed?

    You are able to press “Windows Key” and “Print Scrn” on your keyboard right now and auto-save a bucnh find out screenshots to your computer. However, Lightshot allows you to take shots if smaller selected areas of your screen quickly. Plus, you may run similar-image searches, you may use the LightShot image editors, and you may share your screenshots quickly via the Internet.
  • How do I remove a screenshot from

    You will need to contact the support team to remove the screenshot, do this by pressing the abuse button under the image, or you can email the support team at
  • How can I find the screenshot I have taken?

    You need to set up an account on the website in order to take screenshots using this tool. You may then find your images in either the Pictures folder on your computer, or the designated screenshot file that was generated when you installed this program. You may also upload your screenshots and find them online.
  • How do I copy a screenshot to Windows Clipboard?

    In order to copy a screenshot to the Windows Clipboard, you need to select a region to copy or screenshot and press Ctrl and C on your keyboard.
  • What image formats does Lightshot support?

    This screenshot tool supports bmp, jpg and png file formats. Jpg and Png are smaller file sizes that are more suitable for Internet use, and bmp files are more detailed and are better used for editing and photoshopping.
  • What am I not allowed to upload?

    You are allowed to upload profanity, but the administrators will call attention to and remove whatever they consider to be “excessive” profanity. You are also not allowed to upload nudity, pornography, violent content, hatred-based content, or any content showing children or animals in any form of distress.
  • Will I be able to use Lightshot on my Mac?

    To use Lightshot on your Mac. If you are unable to take quick-save screenshots on your Mac as you are able to on your Windows device, then LightShot may be useful for you. I keep having problems with my Lightshot, what can I do
  • What sort of hotkeys does Lightshot have for its screenshot app?

    The hotkeys that are pre-installed are: Copy to clipboard - Ctrl and C Start shooting - prtscr Save as a file - Ctrl and S Maximize - Ctrl and A Close without shooting - Esc Cut - Ctrl and X Upload a screenshot - Ctrl and D Edit selected area online - Ctrl and E


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